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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A View From The Side - 1

I know a lot of you wonder what I do on these trips to help out so I thought I'd give you a brief overview of how important I am in making these trips successful.

Having done these big trips 3 times now, I'm very experienced in making sure I don't forget anything.
      Meds packed (over 20 different little bags with prescription labels or package labels) - check
      Electronics packed (adapters, cords, batteries, chargers, SD cards, flash drives, etc. ) - check
      Some money that's available ahead of time for each country - check
      Doctor letters showing Meds and saying I'm healthy enough to do a bush walk - check
      All required shots - check
      Luggage tags on all bags - OOPS
      All travel information moved from the home computer to our travel laptop - OOPS
      Debit card set up to use in all the foreign countries - OOPS
      Travel clock set for the right time - OOPS (mixed up AM and PM)

Fortunately, the airline didn't lose our bags and we now have luggage tags, we have a wonderful son who was able to (Thank you Drop Box) get all our files to us and talk to our banker and we woke up just in time to dress and make it to the bus so we didn't miss the Hill of Crosses outside Siauliai - Phew!

Well, things have settled down now and everything is running like clockwork. Did I mention the hostel in Kiev (arriving Saturday) just emailed us that they cancelled the reservation we made 6 months ago and they have no room for us?

Annie's working on 4 posts as I type this so you should be seeing lots of pictures very soon. Enjoy.


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  1. Glad everything got taken care of. Drop Box is everyone's friend :) Love you both!!


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